By AP Staff Reporter

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A federal judge has ordered a shipping company that illegally discharged wastewater to pay a $3.2 million criminal fine and institute an environmental compliance plan.

The German shipping company, MST, has been in trouble before for similar offenses, internet image recreation.

German shipping company MST pleaded guilty Monday to obstruction of justice and maintaining false records to conceal pollution from the M/V Marguerita, which made ports of call in Portland, Maine.

Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Bossert Clark called the company a “repeat offender” that has shown “contempt for the rule of law.” MST was convicted of similar environmental crimes in Minnesota in 2016.

In Maine, the company installed a system that bypassed pollution prevention control equipment, allowing discharges of oily mixtures and wastewater in 2016 and 2017.

The scheme was uncovered by a whistleblower. The chief engineer who allegedly orchestrated the illegal discharges has been fired.

In 2016, MST, was be required to pay an $800,000 criminal fine to the United States for similar offenses. The company also was required to make a $200,000 community service payment to help preserve the watershed of Lake Superior, and serve three years probation.


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