By Jai-Leen James, Contributing Reporter

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – There are health and wellness products for just about every inch of your body but now, you’re fully covered. This Miami-based beauty company has just launched their own line of all-natural butt and body cream – aptly named Miami Beach Bum.

Miami Beach Bum: A New Green and Cruelty-Free Local Cosmetic Line, Miami, Miami Beach, Florida, News, Ayssa Di Pietro
Miami Beach Bum creator, Ayssa Di Pietro, photo courtesy Ayssa Di Pietro.

Created by Miami Beach entrepreneur Ayssa Di Pietro, Miami Beach Bum Mint and Vanilla Orange Bum + Body Creams are green and cruelty-free products that improve your appearance from behind.

“I have a background in marine science and used my knowledge of chemistry to formulate the product a few years back. I love ocean activities, so I live in wet swim suits,” Di Pietro told the Miami Beach Times. “Unfortunately, bacteria also live in wet swim suits. This caused me to have persistent folliculitis blemishes (aka butt acne). Unable to find a product that worked, I created my own.”

Miami Beach Bum is a plant-based and ultra-concentrated formula that targets improving the quality and appearance of your skin. This results-driven product eliminates blemishes, discoloration and more. The cream retails at $45 for a vial containing six fluid ounces for bum and body cream. All customers receive free priority shipping with their order.

Despite being marketed for your butt, Miami Beach Bum products can be applied all over the body for smooth, soft and blemish-free skin. Di Pietro’s products are free of sulfates, chemical fragrances, parabens, phthalates and are never tested on animals.

“I don’t like many mainstream paradigms that exist today. So, it is important for me to create positive things that positively influence the world around me,” said Di Pietro. “Beauty products should not contain chemicals that are harmful to people and no industry should propagate animal cruelty.”

“So, Miami Beach Bum is made here in Miami from pure botanicals and natural ingredients. Nothing we source has been tested on animals, and our products are only tested on butts!”

Miami, Miami Beach, Florida, News, Miami Beach Bum
To effectively use the product, massage a small amount of Miami Beach Bum cream on to dry skin for a blemish-free bum and body, photo courtesy Miami Beach Bum.

Not only is Miami Beach Bum made in Miami from pure botanicals and natural ingredients, DiPietro’s company prioritizes environmentally-responsible packaging and paying homage to her hometown.

“When creating the visual branding, I wanted to pay homage to Miami Beach’s historical Art Deco culture,” Di Pietro said.

“I am currently looking to switch to a primary packaging manufacturer that makes bioplastics, but at least for now our primary packaging is chemical free and 100 percent recyclable. All secondary packaging is made from post-consumer waste and can be recycled or composted.”

Miami Beach Bum brand wear is limited edition and currently, fiftey percent of profits are donated to @Ethically_Elizabeth, in support in curbing animal cruelty. Miami Beach Bum will also do giveaways, starting in September.

Miami Beach Bum Mint and Vanilla Orange Bum + Body Creams are currently the only skincare products available for purchase on its site but Di Pietro plans to launch additional products in the upcoming months.


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