By Daniela Ortega, Contributing Reporter

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – Locals and visitors alike should grab their partner or friends (or maybe just treat themselves), a blanket, or folding chairs, perhaps a nice bottle of bubbly or wine, bread and cheese, and get ready to be thrilled by a wonderful night of live classical music in a not very typical setting.

Experience Mozart at Miami Beach's New World Sympony WALLCAST, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, News
Experience Mozart at Miami Beach’s New World Sympony WALLCAST, press photo.

For a few nights a month, every month guests are welcome to delight with a WALLCAST concert presented by the Miami New World Symphony. The concerts is transmitted live outside of the building were the orchestra plays, in the gorgeous SoundScape Park.

The classical music performance can be enjoyed through the park’s 7,000-square-foot projection, as part of its outstanding audiovisual technology.

This month the New World Sympony WALLCAST will take place on February 23rd at 7:30 PM. The themes and pieces always vary, this time the lovely repertoire is titled, “MTT and Christian Tetzlaff: from Bach to Ligeti,” of course, it features renowned violinist, Tetzlaff.

Upcoming months, such as March, include as much as three WALLCASTs in its performances. Always check the New World Symphony website for updates and changes to the schedule.

Guests do need a ticket or reservation, for this program is completely free. However, be mindful that it is usually very full, especially in the winter and spring months when the weather is very pleasant and mild in Miami.

About an hour before the performances, the NWS Fellows host a Pre-Concert Chat. Space is limited for these events, so be sure to arrive with plenty of time if interested.

Here the musicians talk about their experiences, and also interact, and answer questions from audience members. It is a quite unique way to understand and get to know what life is like for these world-talented artists.

Public restrooms and public parking garages are available and very close by for a incredibly comfortable, fun and also practical experience.


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