By Daniela Ortega, Contributing Reporter

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – National Ice Cream Month may have officially come to an end, but luckily the summer sun seems endless in Southern Florida. Miami Beach definitely has some of the best ice cream shops available, where one can cool themselves with delicious new and classic flavors.

"Flavor of the Month" Pink Champagne Sorbet cup at the Frieze Ice Cream Factory in Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, News
“Flavor of the Month” Pink Champagne Sorbet cup at the Frieze Ice Cream Factory in Miami Beach, photo courtesy of the Frieze Ice Cream Factory.

One of the icons, and a landmark in South Beach, is the Frieze Ice Cream Factory at 1626 Michigan Avenue just off of Lincoln Road. They opened over thirty years ago, with the mission “to produce the best all natural super premium ice cream made fresh daily,” and they have succeeded.

The Frieze has been categorized as one of the best ice cream places in town. Some of the favorite and more interesting favors are Jack’s Maple Walnut and Get Down Boogie Oogie Cookie. They also offer non-fat and non-dairy sorbets, with favors such as guanabana and pink grapefruit, and of course a South Beach favorite, pink champagne sorbet.

Another Miami Beach staple is Gelato-Go, offering artisan, authentic Italian Gelato with vegan options, in already three wonderful locations at Miami Beach. One at 436 Espanola Way, a second one at 458 Ocean Drive and a third one, Gelato-Go by Dolce Di Sicilia, at 725 71 St.

Alessandro Alvino, Co-Founder of the establishments, explained that they chose Miami Beach because “The weather is definitely what drives people to the stores craving a refreshing frozen treat.”

He also commented that the ice cream and sorbets are made fresh daily at the stores and that in Miami Beach “definitely fruit sorbets are doing great but our Pistacchio from Sicily is to die for!”

Black Madagascar Vanilla Ice cream covered in 24k Gold, new at dessert shop, Icy N' Spicy in South Beach, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, News
Black Madagascar Vanilla Ice cream covered in 24k Gold, new at dessert shop, Icy N’ Spicy in South Beach, photo courtesy of Ice N’ Spicy

In a very Miami Beach way, Art Deco and signature “Ice Cream Rolls” come together in Miami ‘N’ Ice at 1214 Washington Avenue. Their signature ice cream rolls have created a fuzz among dessert lovers with flavors include Butter Cookie Monster, Coffee Love, and Berrylicious. Their signature dish is the “Iced Spaghetti” and they offer vegan/dairy free flavors.

A long-time and renowned favorite, Gelateria 4D, is located at 670 Lincoln Road. One of the first establishments to popularize Gelato in Miami Beach and around the word, “The 4D,” as it is known is a beloved classic with flavors like Nutella, and their famous “Coppa Gelato.” Their menu also include shakes, smoothies and savory dishes.

Lastly, a newcomer in town is Icy N’ Spicy at 1250 Ocean Drive. This fun and adorable shop offers flavors like Coconut and Black Madagascar Vanilla with Edible Silver or covered in 24k Gold, or Oreo Mint in a Green Tea Matcha cone! Definitely for the most adventurous and curious. They also have candy toppings and sorbets.


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