By Daniela Ortega, Contributing Reporter

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – The TheoEco Institute is presenting the world premiere of its latest feature-length documentary, So Flo Floods, at the Miami Beach Cinematheque June 16th from 3PM to 5PM. The documentary narrates how sea level rise and climate change has affected Florida in the past, present and future.

So Flo Floods Documentary Film Premieres June 16th in Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, News
The So Flo Floods documentary film depicting a yacht docked in the aftermath of a flood in South Florida, image recreation.

Sea level rising is increasingly an imminent danger for Florida, a state surrounded by water. South Florida has suffered from severe flooding due to environmental changes, and the issue does not seem to be going away any time in the near future.

So Flo Floods wishes to enlighten the public in a subject that is not widely known or is rarely given the importance it requires.

For instance one of its most important findings, “show that if Hurricane Andrew were to hit with an additional few feet of sea level rise from 1992 levels, flooding would reach the western suburbs. If it hit downtown today as the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 did, it would potentially be a $150 billion event.”

The documentary aims to shed light at this huge issue that soon south Florida habitants will be forced to address. The film tells the story of flood issues with famous bodies of water from Lake Okeechobee to Belle Glade, all the way down to the Everglades.

As the filmmakers describe it, “Miami Beach is ground zero in the U.S. for sea level rise, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in pumps and other infrastructure to handle ‘King Tide’ flooding and fight back the effects of global warming.”

In addition, the Miami Beach Senior High STEAM Project will name a winner that same day. Students that participate in the project are encouraged to create museum exhibits to accompany and support the film. TheoEco and Miami Beach High established their partnership through the Council for Educational Change Executive Pass Program.

Currently, the institute is focused in earthquake relief efforts in Nepal, as well as sea level rising occurrences in Florida. TheoEco has always been, “concerned with documenting, assisting, and researching those entangled in environmental and economic predicaments.

In so doing, TheoEco produces documentaries about, and backs, the causes it finds important and are within its means to assist. TheoEco is also very interested in how theological undercurrents further exacerbate the entanglements between humankind’s pursuit and the ecology it finds itself impacting.“

So Flo Floods was written, directed and produced by father and daughter, Steve and Bobbie Richards. While Steve moved to Miami in 1968, Bobbie was born and raised here, and these stories speak very personally to them.

So Flo Floods premieres Sunday June 16th at The Miami Beach Cinematheque, located at the Old Historic City Hall at 1130 Washington Avenue. Tickets are $11.


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