By Jessica Sanchez, Contributing Reporter

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – The City of Miami Beach has issued a warning that they are expecting king tide levels about one foot higher than previously predicted, and residents should prepare and take precautions this week.

King tides are the highest tides of the year, which typically occur during the months of September to November, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, News
King tides are the highest tides of the year, which typically occur during the months of September to November, photo internet recreation.

King tides typically lasts about three hours and often cause residents to experience ‘sunny day flooding‘ where a street or other areas will flood even when it is not raining. The king tides also provide a preview of the normal tidal variations in the years to come as sea levels continue to rise.

Jason Raynolds a Miami Beach resident, said “The tides are getting bigger and bigger, I’m scared to go into the waters. At this rate Miami is going to be under water very soon.”

Adding, “This is supposed to be the holiday season with more tourism here and I feel like a disaster will happen when people are swimming in these crazy waters, they are getting too strong and too deep.”

Authorities say they are expecting tidal levels about one foot higher than predicted, and if this trend continues, sunny day flooding is anticipated in low-lying areas of the city. This will occur each day until the king tides recede after, November 28th.

The days and times when they expected to happen are; November 24th at 6:48 AM and 6:59 PM; November 25th at 7:39 AM and 7:48 PM; November 26th at 8:28 AM and 8:36 PM; November 27th at 9:15 AM and 9:23 PM and lastly, November 28th at 10:01 AM and 10:10 PM.

Personal protection is essential and authorities warn that residents should take precautions and follow instructions to stay safe and dry; properties in low-lying or flood prone areas are strongly encouraged to use flood panels and other flood protection methods to protect their property.

Everybody can register for the Parking Flood Relief Program to obtain free temporary parking accommodations during kind tides and other weather events.


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