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By Lise Alves MIAMI BEACH, MIAMI, FLORIDA – Although scientists and environmentalists say that the rising of sea level will be more widely seen in the Eastern coast of the United States, causing more mayhem and damage on the Atlantic...
By Jack Arnhold, Contributing Reporter MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – Boston, Massachusetts is the first major U.S. city to abandon plans for a new seawall defense in favor of waterfront parks. The move towards more sustainable and cost-effective solutions to rising...
By Jai-Leen James, Contributing Reporter MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – The vice mayor of Miami Beach opened a new section of the Miami Beach Atlantic Greenway between 3rd and 5th Streets. Joy Malakoff, alongside city commissioners, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony...
By Mike S Payton, Contributing Reporter MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - On November 6th voters approved all three ballot items of the proposed $439 million General Obligation (G.O.) Bond, which is aimed at addressing critical infrastructure needs. Officials say approximately 25...
By Newsroom Reporter VENICE, ITALY - On October 30th, violent thunderstorms, small tornadoes that blew roofs off homes, and hurricane-force winds lashed Italy from Piedmont to Sicily, leaving at least eleven people dead, many more injured and firefighters and other...
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